About Us

Accessible Counselling Tullamore (ACT) is a new community counselling centre based in Tullamore Co.Offaly. The purpose of ACT is to pioneer a sustainable model of community-based counselling and psychotherapy services that will be accessible to all.

Our purpose-built counselling centre was designed to create a safe and confidential space for professional counselling in a comfortable atmosphere.

Mental health is something that affects each one of us throughout our life. There are times when we may feel overwhelmed and may find ourselves in need of help to address problems that are causing us emotional distress.

At ACT, our team of qualified, professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists will offer a supportive environment, where clients can talk about their issues without fear of judgement.

We believe our service will address a huge need in our community, and will provide a safe space, where a client will be enabled to explore their issues in a confidential setting.

Our accessible and timely service will allow our clients the opportunity to address their difficulties and return to normal well-being. We hope to positively impact the lives of those suffering with mental health issues, along with their families and the community as a whole.